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jean-michel basquiat "hollywood africans"

Last week a friend and I hit the Whitney for the massive Jeff Koons exhibit, the last before the museum moves to its new location downtown. So much Jeff Koons, and minimalism this was not. But first, I fell in love with this on the way: “Hollywood Africans” by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Those colors!

jean-michel basquiat "hollywood africans"

A detail shot. I love the black and white against that yellow.

alex katz "ada in the water"

Loved this paper collage and ink piece by Alex Katz: “Ada in the Water.” Makes me want to try my hand at collaging.

jeff koons whitney ballon dog yellow

On to the Koonses. I have to say, Jeff Koons’s art never really hit me. But seeing this retrospective, and listening to the audio changed that. (I always get the headphones at museums. I love hearing the story behind the pieces and getting a deeper understanding of what I’m looking at. And at the Whitney, they give out them out free.) This is one of the famous balloon dogs, with me inside.

jeff koons whitney "cat on a clothesline"

“Cat on a Clothesline” is kitty crucifixion imagery on monumental scale, made with a material we all grew up playing with.

jeff koons whitney "sponge shelf"

“Sponge Shelf.” Who knew a pile of fluorescent sponges could be so captivating?

jeff koons whitney "woman in tub"

“Woman in Tub” was in a room filled with colorful kitsch, including “Michael Jackson and Bubbles.” It’s always interesting to see art you’ve only seen in books in person.

jeff koons cake

Detail shot of “Cake.” I could stare at this painting all day. The colors and texture are delicious.

jeff koons whitney "antiquity 3"

Detail shot of “Antiquity 3,” which is, incredibly, a painstakingly made painting.

jeff koons whitney play-doh

“Play-Doh”. Wow. This one, making its debut after 20 years of work, got me. He talked about his son making a play-doh sculpture and how it was abstract art. But he then recreated it — on a huge scale — perfectly, thereby making it representational art. What?! I love it. And amazingly, each of those pieces are made of painted aluminum that were fit together one by one. The colors and craggy parts look just like the real thing. It was a treat to look at.

broken bells in central park

After the Whitney, we hopped, skipped and jumped just a few blocks to Central Park to see Broken Bells, who I love and had never seen live before. It was a gorgeous, warm night and being outside for a show in the park felt perfect.

baby feet in brooklyn

Later that weekend I met up with friends and their safely tucked away, sleeping newborn. How cute are baby feet?

brighton beach brooklyn

And finally, we had our last beach day of the summer at Brighton Beach. Having moved from Vermont recently, it’s such a treat to live a subway ride away from the ocean. Is it summer (again) yet??

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