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Greek Yogurt with Strawberry Snow

greek yogurt with strawberry snow

I think I invented this. A quick google would tell me if that’s true, but… eh. I’m going with it.

greek yogurt

I go through yogurt phases. I’m into it, and then I lose interest. Last week I chose to be into it, so I bought some and frozen strawberries to go with it.

frozen strawberries in food processor

I don’t know what I thought I was going to do with the strawberries… warm them up, I guess? I took them out and wondered, and got the idea to throw them in the food processor. After a few seconds of whirring, they turned into fluffy strawberry snow. It’s great on top of the yogurt — perfect for breakfast or a snack. Or as a dessert even. It’s like ice cream. Ish.

greek yogurt with strawberry snow


  • greek yogurt
  • frozen strawberries


  1. It’s simple. Put a handful of frozen strawberries in a food processor/powerful blender (I use this one by Ninja), blend them up, et voilá: delicious strawberry snow, a perfect topping for the creamy yogurt. I think the strawberries are sweet enough, but some honey or maple syrup would be great drizzled on top.
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