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elsewhere on the web 12.12.2014

What caught my eye this week…

1. Gorgeous script alert! Tilda, the typeface created by the infallible Jessica Hische for the film Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson (gah — so good!), has been released into the wild. I adored the film, and I adore the script. Can’t wait to play with this! Love that it was named with a nod to the amazing Tilda Swinton. Check out the great font specimen page, and an interview with Jessica about creating the typeface.

2. I like this plant pick guide, with downloadable PDFs for each on how to take care of them.

3. Twenty-one women tell about the dumbest stuff they spend their money on.

4. The New York Times has an interactive 2014 gift guide that is pretty cool design-wise.

Is it just me or do we all find it fascinating to read about prostitution from the girls’ perspectives? Just me? Ehhh. Here it’s about dealing with Wall Street types. Can you imagine? Prostituting yourself I mean, not dealing with Wall Street types. Well maybe that,too. Kidding, kidding.

Also from The New York Times: they paired up nine of the year’s best actors and had them kiss. Sure, why not?

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