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DevaCurl No-Poo Shampoo

Beauty Boosts: DevaCurl No-Poo Shampoo

I’m late to this game. And I don’t know why… I knew about DevaCurl. I had flipped through Curly Girl: The Handbook — written by the owner of the Devachan salons — years ago and I had even tried no-pooing for a while. I would wash with just conditioner, and I loved it at first but then my hair started feeling gross. I bet I was using a conditioner with silicone, so it built up.

I knew that as a curly haired girl I should avoid harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate because they dry out your hair, causing frizz. I would go back and forth using all natural shampoo and conventional. And to calm the frizzies, I’d do the same, using an all natural product like Kinky Curly and conventional like Frizz Ease. I loved Frizz Ease at first, but it’s made with silicone so it coats the hair and makes it lie flat, which is awesome, but then builds up and starves your poor little strands of life with petroleum product, which is not.

So a couple moths ago I was reading this post on Garance Doré, where people were recommending washing with baking soda and conditioning with vinegar, and the hippie in me — a hippie who doesn’t want hippie hair — got excited. I did it for about a week. At first I was so impressed. My hair was so soft and shiny! I threw off the hair care industry shackles and counted all the money I’d be saving and the plastic I wouldn’t be using. I felt free. But then… well, yes, the vinegar smell wears off once your hair is dry, but have you seen my hair? Oh, right, you probably haven’t. It’s thick. It takes a while to dry. So I was smelling like vinegar. And my hair started feeling like straw. This experiment was short-lived. I was back to the bottle.

But then I walked by DevaCurl in the store and remembered they make a no-poo shampoo. So I bit. And guess what? It’s awesome! I’ve been using it for a couple months and I’m loving it. It smells great, and washes my hair without over-washing it so it’s not dry and puffy. It’s everything I’ve wanted. Just make sure you use a silicone-free conditioner with it so nothing builds up. But with this, you won’t need to rely on silicone to calm your locks. They won’t get worked up in the first place. I’m sold.


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